Development of one Gouache Painting Step By Step

In this post, I show a series of pictures of my gouache painting “Sculptures in Painting 04” work steps.

I painted on 300 g Fabriano paper. In the works of this series of paintings, I present reduced sculptural forms in the context of abstract painting. Gouache was a good choice to carry out this work, as it produces flat surfaces which, however, vary somewhat depending on the amount of water used. Some of the work steps take the work to completion, while others are experiments that I have to replace with better choices at a later stage of the work.

I painted a large red area first. Paper is 56 x 76 cm Fabriano 300g, rough.

Preliminary shades of gray in the background

Smaller areas, first bright blue

Yellow and light orange

Shade of gray-green in the background

I cover the last white surfaces with dark gray and light green

I change from light green to dark gray

Changing the background to light gray

I change the foreground yellows to dark blue

I also change the small yellow color areas to dark blue

Minor color adjustments and painting is complete

The name of the painting is Sculptures in Painting 04. See the full Sculptures in Painting series.


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