MINI-MEGA / Luontoja 3 – Vitrine Exhibition in Munkkiniemi Library, Helsinki 30.9.- 28.10.2022

Artists in exhibition:
Inka-Maaria Jurvanen
Antti Keitilä
Hannele Kumpulainen
Iisa Maaranen
Pia Männikkö
Miika Nyyssönen
Sara Orava
Julia Strand

Miniment 1, 2022, height 10 cm

M the Machine and two other additions to archive

Changing my archive of works to my new website is gradually progressing. I added the following series of works to the menu: M the Machine from 2003 was a temporary installation of 700 cardboard boxes and programmed screenings I made in Roanoke, Virginia. Color sculptures is my long-standing sculpture series, the first sculpture of which I made in 2007, in which I am interested in the effect of color on the plastic form. The abstract paintings in the Fachwerk Und painting series are variations on the notes I took during my travels to Germany about the traditional Fachwerk architecture of Central Europe.